Why You Need Commercial Litigation Solicitors?

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  • February 28, 2016

Why You Need Commercial Litigation Solicitors?

Commercial litigations are complicated and can involve procedures that can be daunting. As such, without the right advice and help, disputes that involve a business can be a big drain on its resources. There are various rules and regulations that govern these disputes and when these are not adhered to, a business can incur lots of losses. The worst scenario is losing a case that could have been easily won.

Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Litigation Solicitors Experience

Commercial litigation may involve various areas of dispute- asset tracing, insolvency proceedings, debt recovery, shareholder disputes, litigation funding and alternative dispute resolution among others. Therefore, it is important that you ascertain whether the firm has experience in any of these areas so that they may be able to achieve the best results.

It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the business law specializations of the firm you choose to represent you. This will ensure that the case is handled successfully. Make a list of attorneys that you wish to interview so that you are able to make an informed choice. You can choose large or small firms depending on your specific requirement.

Dispute Resolution

As most commercial disputes contain complex and sensitive issues, it is important that the solicitors are able to provide practical advice on the right approach to resolve the dispute. They should be able to look beyond the direct issues so that they are able to achieve a solution in the best possible way. Commercial mediation is also offered by some firms so that the two parties to the dispute may be able to settle it in an amicable manner.


Most of the reputed litigation firms offer a “no win no fee” funding option to clients. This option is usually backed by full legal expense insurance. The firm should also help you in exploring third party funding options if necessary. The other funding options that may be available include fixed fees and hourly rates.

It is always advisable that you choose a firm of good repute so that you are able to get high quality service from them. Read reviews and do adequate research to ensure that you settle on the best company. Ask for references and contact the people whose references have been provided so that you can gain knowledge about the quality of expert advice provided.

If you are in U.K and have a business dispute, it is best to contact Strain Keville. The commercial litigation solicitors of this firm have an outstanding reputation of acting on behalf of businesses, organizations and individuals with a high degree of success. Strain Keville can help you resolve disputes and take steps that prevent them from recurring.

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