Taking The Bar Exam

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  • March 13, 2016

Taking The Bar Exam

The bar exam is a must and must be taken by all aspiring lawyers who intend to practice law. Each State has its own rules and regulations concerning the terms needed to appear for the bar examination.

As a common rule that is placed by the jurisdiction in the United States of America, any person who intends acquiring a license or wants admission to the bar has to appear and pass an exam which is called a “Bar Examination”. This examination which is in a written form differs from State to State, but in some cases depending on certain criteria’s, appearing in one will exempt you from sitting for another in a different State
It is a general fact that in order to practice in a State it is required to take the bar exam for that State, but at times considering the moral character of the lawyer along with the length of experience he possesses the juridical system would allow him in not appearing. The federal courts place their own qualifications for lawyers who intend practicing in their midst.

In order to qualify to sit for the bar exam, an applicant has to have a bachelors degree and certification from a law school. This school should have met certain standards regarding their faculty and library, which in turn has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Appearing for the bar examination is to determine two basic aspects that are usually found in an individual. These two aspects are the Character of the person and Competence that he or she possesses, which is best established by the educational background.

The bar exams which are usually held in February and July of each year are notified well in advance. Each State as mentioned earlier sets its own priority, but in general they all look to see if the applicant is capable of taking the responsibility of handling law by themselves. To test the skills there will be multiple questions that need to be answered.

The question that appear in the bar exam are based on various topics which will effect their daily job procedures. The questions will be based on legitimate and criminal law, the most important topic. Then will follow the topic of how they handle the question of evidence and proof. In addition they would be tested on matters of arguing and presentations in court. The final topic besides other would be on matters concerning property and contract disputes.

The bottom line is to remember that prior to a appearing for the bar exam it is advisable to seek details of the requirements that is needed in the State you will be taking the exam. So in general terms a bar examination is a must for all lawyers who have the will and determination to practice law for the benefit of himself and others must pass the bar examination that has been set by a State.

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