Seven Steps To Start A Career In Law

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  • March 11, 2016

Seven Steps To Start A Career In Law

Do you want a legal career but are not able to find the way out? Today there is a tremendous demand for competent professionals in the legal service industry and employers are willing to give heavy dollar as pay packets. Therefore students who are evaluating their career opportunities in legal service industry and also experienced professional planning to transit into this filed should go through these seven steps to take a jump start in their career in law.

1. Get Professional Education

The best way to start or advance in any career is to go in for further education. To excel in any field you have to go ahead in a specialty field in that area which may require you to have a professional certification course or an advanced degree in that field. For example advocates or lawyers working in niche fields such as LL.M or Tax have an added advantage over others similarly legal secretaries who possess a bachelors degree are certainly preferred as against those having college education. Also legal nurse consultants and paralegals having professional certification in their respective fields represent their commitment and credibility to the profession.

2. Leverage your Existing Specialization

A strong background or experience in one field can provide an edge in another related new career, for example if you have a nursing background you can go in for legal nurse consultant which will open new doors of opportunity for you, similarly an accounting degree or a CPA can get into tax law for a jump start career.

3. Make a Self-Assessment

It is very important to first honestly analyse oneself before starting a career in the field of Law and determine whether you are fit for this legal career. This can be done by making a list of your weaknesses & strengths, credentials and experiences and review objectively if you can make a career in Law. Take into account that all successful legal professionals have strong communication and writing skills, attention to detail, organizational ability, strong technology abilities and adherence to deadlines, you should be able to make an honest assessment.

4. Make Adequate Research in the Field

It is always advisable to collect information through searching websites, reading literature, visiting career centres, talking to some lawyers other legal professionals & law students regarding educational requirements, duties, job outlook and salaries relating to the legal profession in which you are interested as Career disillusionment is very common in the field of law.

5. Develop Professional Contacts to help you in becoming a lawyer

Another important step is to gain knowledge about the legal profession and job opportunities by word of mouth. Try to network and gain contact with professionals, your local area law firms, legal departments of corporate houses and agencies for legal staffing who will be able to help you. Also try attending conferences, local chapter meetings, and seminars and try to take as much information from people working in this field.

6. Get Tech-Savvy

It is very important to adopt the latest technological advancement in the respective field as technology has revolutionized the world and no field is left untouched. Lawyers, Legal Secretaries, paralegals and other legal professionals who are Tech Savvy definitely have an added advantage in today’s legal world.

7. Find a Mentor

In the field of law to have an experienced mentor is a big advantage for a jump-start career as he can educate you regarding the pitfalls, benefits, employment outlooks and job prospects. He can also give you guidance, knowledge and most importantly refer you to new clients. To locate a mentor you can get in touch with local bar associations or approach large size or mid-size law firms who assign summer interns, junior associates or law clerks to their partners or experienced associates under established mentoring programs.

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