Police Officer with DWI

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  • May 25, 2016

Police Officer with DWI

Seven years ago former Assistant Police Chief Larry Kelley, 28 year veteran, was arrested by an Austin officer for a DWI during a Statewide Police Chief’s Conference in Austin, Texas. Officer said that he was driving from a bar back to hotel after the conference had let out for the day and was pulled over and arrested. After this arrest, he was suspended indefinitely from his position with the Waco Police Department. At first he petitioned to have a third-party examiner look over the case and make a decision about his indefinite suspension. This third-party examiner eventually made the decision to “double demote” Kelley, to reduce his suspension to 180 days, and to award him back pay for all the time he had missed. Once this decision was made, the City of Waco then challenged it saying that the examiner had “lack of authority”.

From appeal to appeal, this case has lasted for seven years and now is about to be put in front of the Texas Supreme Court. The oral arguments are scheduled for 9:00am on April 1. Kelley’s attorneys are now filing for him to be reinstated one rank lower than he originally was with no back pay or compensation. The City of Waco is filing for him to not be reinstated because of the “example on the community”. As far as the opinion of the community is concerned, there are people on both sides of the fence. Some feel that he has paid his dues and should be given his job back, and others feel that it would send a bad message to the community. Attorney’s say that it could be a year or more before any decision is made regarding Kelley’s job.

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