Managing your Law Firm Web Contacts for Legal Marketing

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  • January 30, 2017

Managing your Law Firm Web Contacts for Legal Marketing

Every legal website should have a web form where a viewer can submit information such as name, address, email address, phone number, and a question or request for the site owner. How can you separate the window shoppers from future clients? The answer is to give them what they want – trusted information.

I have met many clients who utilize a contact web form for online leads, but they don’t know what to do with the lead after they get it. When the customer fills out the form, someone should follow-up on the request by either a phone call if the number is valid, or an email. Let’s say for argument’s sake the phone number is invalid but the email address is not. Does that mean it’s a dead lead? No, it does not mean it’s a dead lead. It just means the user felt obligated to fill something in the field but doesn’t want you to call him or her.

You should take your leads, as well as other client email addresses, and sort them into a database. Some firms use Outlook, or the popular program Constant Contact. With the Constant Contact program, you can see who is reading your campaign letters or newsletters, who considers you spam, who has unsubscribed, and who has forwarded you to a friend. The program is very inexpensive and has a free trial. It doesn’t take you long to get up and running, and the choices of newsletter and graphic designs are quite extensive.

If you provide quality information without a sales pitch, the client will remain with you for quite some time. Your law firm becomes a trusted authority for legal advice and questions. When it is time for them to call an attorney, you should be the first person they think of. This eliminates the competition you may encounter when clients meet with more than one law firm for that free initial consultation.

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