Making the Most of Client Testimonials: Video Testimonials

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  • January 28, 2017

Making the Most of Client Testimonials: Video Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to connect visitors to your website if your state bar allows them. They provide an alternate voice for people interested in doing business with you and show that you have already provided quality services.

However, there are some downsides to the traditional written testimonial. For one, savvy or untrusting visitors may not believe that you actually used real clients’ words. It is easy to fabricate something in order to make your website look good, and sometimes real testimonials with vague language seem fake. For other consumers, written testimonials are boring. Every website has them, and many are very similar.

In contrast, video testimonials provide rich media for your site, which can help improve search engine rankings. A video testimonial can help to spice up your website and assist in appealing to a broader audience. For potential clients looking for a reason to seal the deal and reach out to you as opposed to your competitors, a video testimonial by a past client can easily sway them to choose you.

How to get and use video testimonials

Many attorneys don’t want to bother former clients with a request to make a video testimonial, but getting a video testimonial may not be as difficult as you think. Use these techniques to acquire good video recordings:

Ask clients at the right time — When you’ve solved a client’s problem, they will be ecstatic about the resolution of their concern. It’s best to ask for a testimonial right after (or soon after) you have finished working with them.
Have prompts — If you have a set of prompt questions, it could help to focus on one or two. Doing so may make it easier for a former client to provide a coherent testimonial. For instance, you could prompt a client to give a basic overview of why they needed an attorney and mention a specific thing that your firm did to help them.
Judiciously edit — While you don’t want your testimonials to look artificial, you may ask clients to speak at length, and then cut out a 15-second or 30-second spot for your site.
A note on testimonials as advertisements

If you have a former business client whom you helped with filing for bankruptcy in Chicago, ask if their testimonial can also be in an advertisement for your products or services. You would place it on your site for free and showcase it on other channels for additional exposure.

These tips can help you begin to acquire and place video testimonials on your firm’s website. Try them out today!

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