K-1 Visa For Russia – How You Can Help Your Lady Immigrate To The USA

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  • March 1, 2017

K-1 Visa For Russia – How You Can Help Your Lady Immigrate To The USA

Have you fairly recently became aquainted with a lady who lives in Russia, and now you are planning to bring your lady here together with you to the USA? In that case, you will have 2 options available to you. The K-1 Fiance Visa, or the K3 Spousal visa.

Most people use the K-1 visa as it would be consistently the speedy and easy option to bring a Russian female to the U.S.. If you got married in Russia, you will need to come back without your wife, along with the imperative documents to file the application. Sadly, you will need to leave your wife behind in Russia. The K3 visa is submitted to USCIS Service Center, strategically located in Chicago, and as soon as your application finally gets approved, the NVC (National Visa Center) will definitely connect with you, and ask that you pay a couple of supplemental processing service fees. A person has got to then send the NVC the evidence of financial support, and then you also have got to give the NVC your actual original certificate of marriage, your sweetheart’s birth certificate of birth, certificates from the police, in addition to, virtually every supporting documents that may apply to your particular situation. Your Russian wife will then be allowed an interview at the U.S. Embassy in the country of Russia, in the city of Moscow.. Following the interview, your wife will receive her visa within a seven days, and she can travel to the USA just as soon as she would like to..

A K-1 Visa for Russia ordinarily takes 2-3 months sooner than the K3 Marriage visa from Russia. The NVC in short order processes the application, and then forwards the application to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The U.S. embassy will get in touch with your Russian fiancee, and she will then schedule an interview with them. Should your fiancee do well at the interview, your future bride is going to acquire her visa in no more than 7 days. She will be able to then travel without delay to the USA, or she will be able to choose to just as long as it is no later than six months associated with the date of issue of the visa.

In the event you filed the K3 spousal visa, your Russian wife is actually awarded a two year green card within few weeks of her arrival America. If you submitted a Fiancee visa for Russia, your Russian fiancee should certainly get married to you within 3 months from the actual date of her arrival, otherwise she must return back to her home country of Russia. The fiance visa is an one-time entry visa, as a result if she goes back to Russia, then decides that she wants travel back to the U.S., you must begin the visa process all over again. As soon as you are married, individuals will need to file for for your wife’s I-485 Adjustment of Status. This is best known as the green card application. Your new Russian wife will obtain her work and travel authorization in about 60-90 days. She should acquire her green card within six months around the day that you first sent in the green card application,.

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