Intoxication Assault

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  • May 15, 2016

Intoxication Assault

When you get arrested for a DWI you may think that your life seems over. If you get arrested for intoxication assault as well, you may really be in a bad situation. Being intoxicated while trying to operate any type of motor vehicle can be bad enough as it is. When you actually hurt someone, you could be up for a longer sentence than you ever thought you might get.

Intoxication assault means that you are operating a motor vehicle and you cause violent assault to someone else without their consent. The motor vehicle can include anything from an aircraft, watercraft, amusement ride, or a motor vehicle. All of these are motored objects that are operated in public and can cause harm to someone else if there is an intoxicated person driving.

Assault is technically defined as causing any type of violent harm on someone without their specific consent. Assault can also be defined as any threat where the victim feels that they are in any danger and the threat will be carried out at any time. If the victim fears for their life, then it is technically considered assault. It could also be considered assault if you touch someone just on their face. Although this seems like something minor, you are not allowed to touch anyone without their consent.

If you commit any type of intoxicated assault, the punishment that you will receive will be much more extensive than if you just had a DWI. The state of Texas considers it a big deal if you seriously hurt someone while intoxicated and they will give you a large punishment.

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