Internet Marketing 101

Internet Marketing 101

Although there are numerous options available to marketers and firms who choose to take the internet-based route, the basic philosophy and techniques behind traditional marketing practices still apply and are very useful in the web-sphere; and you can continue to pursue your offline marketing efforts as well with success.

When your firm is targeting relevant keywords, you’re essentially targeting particular audiences and demographics, just via search engine results rather than print and other media methods. Some argue that these two practices are dissimilar, because SEO involves a very specific user (potential client) searching for a very specific type of content. While the SEO approach is much more targeted and gets more track-able results, you can still apply the basic ideas behind traditional strategies to your internet campaigns with a little tweaking.

Some hail internet marketing as the end of conventional marketing as we know it, but this is a bit of a sensationalist angle to take – all the groundwork is still there, there are just faster, more cost-effective, and more targeted ways of getting the results you’re looking for in your legal practice campaigns.

Your potential law clients are using a variety of ways to find you and your firm, from print advertisements to phone directories to the internet, so it’s really best practice for now and the foreseeable future to approach your marketing needs with both an online and offline focus – you can cover all of your bases and not miss out on potentially rewarding client relationships with people who maybe don’t own a computer or aren’t net savvy, but you can also provide solid resources and information to the intermediate and advanced internet-browsing crowd and take advantage of advanced lead-tracking tools.

The Basics of Marketing Still Apply

Know your audience, approach potential clients with relevant, timely, persuasive and useful information that is easy to understand and remember; keep an eye on your competitors; carve out a niche for yourself; be a resource; monitor response to your efforts – these are all marketing best practices that have been utilized for decades, and the fundamental approach is no different in social media and internet marketing.

The details of your strategies may take a different turn, but with a solid backbone based on the tenets of effective print and media marketing, you can go far on the web. Learning about how to effectively use search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media (or hiring a marketing professional to do so) can help keep you in the game and greatly enhance your lead generation.

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