Initiating A Paxil Lawsuit With The Help Of A Qualified Paxil Lawyer

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  • April 5, 2016

Initiating A Paxil Lawsuit With The Help Of A Qualified Paxil Lawyer

Paxil is the third selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI drug released to the market for treatment of depression. Manufactured by leading pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, Paxil gained the approval of the Food and Drugs Administration to be released in December 1992. With its entry to the market, Paxil got embroiled into the controversy whether SSRI drugs can cause users to become violent and suicidal. And just like with other SSRI drugs, there are many side effects associated with Paxil use.These Paxil side effects gave rise to many Paxil lawsuit cases to be filed against GlaxoSmithKline.

Akathisia is one of the generally recognized conditions that can be caused by Paxil and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs. The said medical condition is associated with irritability, suicide attempts, and dysphoria, a condition characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and depression. In 2003, the Food and Drugs Administration or the FDA has alerted medical professionals about reports that antidepressant drugs may cause suicidal tendencies to pediatric patients suffering from major depressive disorder.

The FDA has also made an advisory issuance in 2004 about monitoring closely patients taking Paxil, especially those who are changing drug dosage or those who are just beginning or ending in treatment. After this, both GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA issued a notification regarding the revision on the Precautions and Warnings section of Paxil labels and packaging to alert about the possible worsening of depression and emergence of suicidal tendencies among Paxil users. Apart from the said side effects, it has also been said that severe withdrawal symptoms can be caused by Paxil use.

You may receive compensation via a Paxil lawsuit claim if you have suffered from any of the side effects of using Paxil. With this, you may need to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable Paxil lawyer to see whether you have a viable claim or not. Your Paxil lawyer can also advise whether filing for an individual Paxil lawsuit or joining a class suit against GlaxoSmithKline would be your best option.

With the help of a Paxil lawyer, you can also find dependable professionals to help you prove that your ordeals are brought about by the side effects of using Paxil so that you can establish your case. With the assistance of a skilled Paxil lawyer, you can win your Paxil lawsuit in order for you to get the compensation that you deserve.

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