How To Become A Judge?

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  • March 5, 2016

How To Become A Judge?

A Judge in layman’s term is a person who has plenty of authority. He is in the ring master in the court room and has the responsibility to resolve various differences that come about between lawyers making sure that all receive a fair trial. At the end of the day it is his decision that counts for cases going to trial or convicts going to jail.

The normal duty of a judge varies; although all judges are required to be well versed with the law of the land, along with good judgment and patience they perform various task that require specialized expertise.

The judges are segregated into different types of judging, some judges only deal with criminal history like murder and stealing. Others take care of difference of opinion that is involving traffic offences, petit family quarrels and small money disputes. There are some judges who have power over cases regarding Social Security and other issues that need the attention of judges to oversee that the law prevails in a fair manner.

Judges that wear black gowns in a court room who normally work 40 hours a week from their office and court rooms, spend plenty of time at libraries doing research. They are assisted by court clerks, and a set of people called a jury. The judge is required to be alert and preside over cases in a fair and truthful manner.

In order to become a judge someone has to go through the entire process of being a lawyer first. He has to be familiar with the practice and gain plenty of experience in law and the court room procedures in order to step into the shoes of a judge. It is a known fact that the Federal and State judges must have in their previous employment been successful as lawyers.

So to be clearer there is the undergraduate degree which is your bachelor’s degree, which will help you get into a recognized law school which totals up to seven years of law education. The final approach will be the bar exam in the State you are intending to practice.

After completing the bar exam with flying colors you will have to prove yourself. This proving would count on your ability to show interest in your work and how you can handle it. You have to grasp enough of experience to understand the quantum of law and its working. This will then narrow your way in succeeding the post of a judge, but not until you provide proof and appreciation that you can take up the job. These criteria will depend on the ability of your skills to be fair, clean and have a good sense of judgment.

So normally judges are found to be in their late 40’s who have gone through plenty of time and dedication fighting various cases in various courts. In the job scene, vacancies for the post of judges are found to be at a very slow rate compared to other jobs.

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