How Do You Choose an NC Immigration Attorney?

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  • February 23, 2017

How Do You Choose an NC Immigration Attorney?

If you would like to gain one of the many opportunities for foreign workers in the state of North Carolina, an NC immigration attorney can advise you which work visa you need to have. Immigration law is complicated, and the individual circumstances of every case are different and may have varied outcomes as a result. An immigration lawyer will carefully study your case and ensure your civil rights, and those of your family, are protected while working to get the best outcome for you.
North Carolina immigration lawyers have a wide range of duties and responsibilities. These include:

Helping foreign citizens acquire the appropriate visas and work permits so that they can legally work, study and do business in the US.
Helping foreign nationals to apply for citizenship or legal US residency.
Helping foreign nationals appeal deportation orders so that they can remain in the country legally.
Helping US families who wish to adopt children from abroad.
Helping a foreign national suffering from political persecution seek political asylum so they can remain in the US legally.
The first step in locating an immigration attorney is to search the local membership roster of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). AILA is the national association of immigration attorneys, so you are assured that a lawyer who appears in its membership ranks is reputable and knowledgeable in relevant immigration law. If you have been given recommendations, you can search for their names in the AILA website. Although membership in the AILA is not a mandatory requirement for practicing immigration law, it is an indicator of the practitioner’s commitment to the best practices of their profession.
You should also check if the immigration lawyer that you are considering specializes in the area of immigration law that you need. The different areas of immigration practice include work and study permits, citizenship, immigration, asylum, deportation and family reunification. You can determine this by scheduling a preliminary consultation with them. Many immigration lawyers have a free first consultation with their clients to assess their cases and explain what services they can provide. Some NC immigration lawyers list their resume and work experience on their websites. You can check their sites to see if their experience matches your particular requirements.
Of course, you should also ask about their fees. Depending on the complexity of your case, an immigration lawyer in North Carolina may charge by the hour or a flat fee in addition to expenses. But you should not let fees be the main consideration when choosing an immigration attorney. Keep in mind that hiring the wrong lawyer may result in the loss of your dream of working, studying and living in the US. Hire the immigration attorney that you feel most comfortable with who is the best qualified to handle your case so that you can continue to stay in America legally and pursue the many opportunities the country offers.

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