How a North Carolina Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Study or Invest in the US

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  • February 21, 2017

How a North Carolina Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Study or Invest in the US

The US does not only issue temporary visas for workers, but also for people who want to enter the US for a variety of reasons such as investing, going to college or visiting family. An experienced North Carolina immigration attorney can help you navigate the thicket of different visas to find the right one for your circumstances. Immigration lawyers can assist you in navigating the laws to ensure you are in compliance.
For example, if you are planning to study full-time at a USCIS accredited university or college, you should apply for an F-1 visa. If, however, you are enrolling in a vocational or non-academic school, you need to apply for an M-1 visa. There is also an H-3 visa which will allow you to train in “any field of endeavor” except those seeking graduate or medical education training. An immigration lawyer in North Carolina can tell you which type of visa you should apply for.
However, if you are participating in a cultural exchange or educational program, the appropriate visa is the J-1 visa, which is not limited to students but also workers coming in for on-the-job training, scholars doing research or performing consulting work, and guest teachers coming in to lecture or teach. In addition, there is a Q-1 visa category for those participating in cultural exchange programs whose purpose is to share the culture of the foreign national’s home country through training, employment and other activities.
If you are planning to invest or otherwise do business in the US, you can enter the country under a B-1 visa. However, if you are a national from a country with which the US has a trade or economic treaty, you can enter using an E-1 visa. This will allow you to develop or operate a business in the US in which you have invested or will soon invest a substantial amount of capital, or carry on a substantial amount of trade. Your immigration lawyer can advise you which one is appropriate and the requirements associated with it.
A North Carolina immigration lawyer can help you with your application for any visa you may need as well as assist you in compiling the required documentation to qualify for a visa. Entering the United States legally is easily accomplished if you have the right advisors. Consider using NC immigration lawyers to answer all of your immigration questions and assist you with your visa applications.

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