Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer for a DUI Charge

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  • April 3, 2016

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer for a DUI Charge

Have you ever been pulled over and charged with a DUI or OVI? Yes this happens but you can beat the system with the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

driving under the influence or being charged with a DUI requires fast action on your part so that your license will not be suspended. Your first set in this process it to locate and hire an attorney to get you out of jail. .In some cases, this does not happen because you are released on your own recognizance. Many courts will require you to post bail, your attorney or a friend can do this for you.

Once released, it is now time to address this issue.
I In many states, a DUI/OVI charge will generate two separate cases. Those states will file a charge with the Department of Motor Vehicles as well and bring a criminal court proceeding against you .

When faced with this problem, you have to face these charges within ten days from the date of the arrest . As with any criminal case, this begins on the day of your arraignment.

On this day you will be asked to enter a plea, your choices are guilty, not guilty or no contest. . Chances are, your criminal defense lawyer will tell you to plead not guilty to these charges . A later court date will be given to you, which will allow your Attorney enough time to gather the facts of the case and prepare a proper defense. There are many strategies available that your lawyer can use to you get out of a DUI and have proven to be successful.

For example; your attorney could argue a lack of probable cause for the traffic stop. This means there was no reason at all to stop you and if that is the case, submit a petition to suppress any evidence that the police obtained when you were pulled over. It is also possible to argue faulty or unreliable BAC results . The BAC stands for blood alcohol test which is used to test if the person’s alcohol level has reached the maximum limit which makes him or her unsafe to drive a vehicle.

An experienced attorney could find this test faulty if he can prove the test was administered incorrectly, the equipment used was not properly maintained or if you suffer from a medical condition that may have affected the reliability of the test. . Another strategy could be to bring into question, the credibility of the arresting officer . If your lawyer is able to question the police officer and prove there are inconsistencies in their testimony compared with the police report they filed, you just might have a chance of getting a not guilty verdict.

But if things are not working in your favor and everything was done by the book , your attorney may advise you to plea guilty to a lesser charge if possible . Doing so may speed up the process and get you reduced charges and fees from the district attorney . If you don’t want to negotiate and decide to gamble in court and lose, then you can try to appeal the court’s decision .

If you don’t, there will likely be an increase in your insurance cost, limits on employment options and you will now have a permanent record. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the only way to get out of a DUI charge

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