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Your Guide to Fraud Lawyers

The law is a very large and complex system that varies from state to state and between countries across the globe. It is important to respect the law and abide by it’s rules, otherwise you can suffer extreme consequences. But for those that do decide to take on the law, or for those that have suffered at the hand of those that do, there are legal professionals to help with your case.

Law is not one simple entity, it can be divided into dozens of different areas, such as real estate law, criminal law, divorce law, agricultural law or personal injury law. For every area of the law there are specialist lawyers that are experts in their specialty area. This article is concentrating on fraud lawyers.

What is Fraud?

Fraud can be defined as a deception that is made for personal gain and/or to damage another individual. It often involves deceit, concealment and violation of trust. Fraud cases can vary from being very small to very serious, but in all scenarios are taken very seriously by the law and the penalties can be severe.

There are various different types of fraud ranging in severity. Fraud is an offence both in criminal law and civil law. Acts which can constitute criminal law include: embezzlement (taking money that is under your control but not rightfully yours), false insurance claims, identity theft, and marriage fraud (such as to gain immigration benefits).

Under civil law fraud is identified as a “false representation”, and is punishable by law. This can include things such as a false statement of fact, a promise of future performance that was not fulfilled, and a statement of opinion that the maker knows to be false.

One of the main areas that fraud lawyers deal with that affects those outside of the business world is consumer fraud. It can be hard finding a lawyer that will represent you as a single consumer in a legal dispute against a company, usually as it is not cost-efficient to take out such a case. However if you have a very serious case, you may be able to find a lawyer to represent you. It is always a good idea to meet with a lawyer to discuss your case whether or not it progresses from there. Often it is best advised to file a complain with your local claims center to save on the legal costs.

Finding Fraud Lawyers

When searching for a lawyers to give you advice or represent you in your case, it is important to select a lawyer that has expertise in the right area – in this case, you will look for fraud lawyers. There are several ways to find fraud lawyers, and one of the most common places to start searching these days is online. There are hundreds of websites offering free legal advice, and you can submit your fraud enquiry to several lawyers and it shouldn’t take long to receive an answer back. They usually only provide very general advice and then direct you to paid lawyers who can help you further with your case if you so wish.

As well as this, there are hundreds of websites that are simply a directory of lawyers in your locality, but you can search by area of expertise. You can search specifically for fraud lawyers in your city or state. Laws and regulations differ greatly between states so it is important to find a lawyer that is qualified to practice law in your state. What might be legal in one state may be very illegal in the next.

Importance of Fraud Lawyers

Every day you will hear on the news of someone who is suspected of committing fraud. In the business world it is taken incredibly seriously, and some fraud cases have amounted to billion dollar court cases.

One of the most famous fraud cases in history was the truth life story upon which the movie Catch Me If You Can was based. Frank Abagnale Jr. was a US imposter who posed as people such as a doctor, attorney and airline pilot, as well as writing out false checks. He passed checks worth over $2.5 million dollars over five years. Once he was finally arrested in France, he was sentenced to imprisonment for 12 years, but was released after 5 on the condition that he helped the US government find other fraudsters. After his release he set up Abangale and Associates, a legal fraud detection and avoidance consulting firm.Although the criminal in that case came out on top, many of those that commit fraud aren’t so lucky, and it is not unusual to receive hefty fines and decades in prison.

If you find yourself involved in a case of fraud whichever end you are at, it is important to hire a lawyer that specializes in fraud, and who is experienced. It is not advised to settle for just the cheapest or easiest option you can find as a good lawyer can make or break your case.