Fiance Visa – Expedite your fiance to the u.s.a

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  • February 17, 2017

Fiance Visa – Expedite your fiance to the u.s.a

Getting your fiance visa, (legally documented as the k-1 visa) can be a little overwhelming. A lot of people already know everything they have to submit; yet there are still imprecise about certain aspects that need further interpretation (which is why people make the colossal mistake of hiring attorneys to “take care” of their issues.). Let’s repeat some important steps that will help you clear the confusion.

The reason why getting your fiance visa can be so convoluted is for the reason that the USCIS tends to be undeservedly pushy and ask for papers that frequent couples don’t have to submit. So why must you be the one to: give copies of your birth certificate, record of work, proof of living in the past couple of years?

And as if to persecute you even more, they ask you for personal correspondence, emails, skype logs or anything that will prove your relationship is serious.

I assume there is a likelihood you didn’t want to share how personal you can get with your fiance in your communications; but you hav to provide those personal items. Plus now you also have to try to find things that you are not sure you ever kept: receipts from that random time you went to the restaurant with your fiance, everything proving that you have essentially met with your fianc?.

Can you imagine what kind of pain this must be for peope who are introverted, but now you have to share this personal information to obtain that K-1 Visa. There’s a possibility you will start developing jealousy toward American couples, because they don’t have to go through all the inconvenience of proving they are together,I mean they can go to Vegas and get married to a random Elvis impersonator for heaven’s sake!.

You can do 2 things: you can wish to let the whole thing disconcert you, let the dissatisfaction linger and affect your relationship – or you can switch your perspective to a positive one: all the information you are collecting is actually for scrapbooking and you will be able to save certain aspects about your relationship that no other couples keep: so you can show your kids one day. Turn the process into a little game!One thing you should do, if you get into a relationship with a foreigner: Create folders of everything you have done so far with your fiance, make copies of receipts, airplane tickets, phone bills, and attach the lot to your folders – but make sure to keep organized

1. You may not have collected anything meaningful that proves the authenticity of your relationship; start collecting that stuff now. The intent to marry your fiance is one of the most important parts in the whole fiancee visa process.

2. If yu haven’t met up with your fiance in person in the two years before applying for the visa, you must plan a meeting as soon as possible, because this is another crucial point for your fiance to obtain their visa.

3. You have to be able to verify you will be able to provide for your future spouse: maybe you must consider looking for a better job, or an extra job. The USCIS and the america government do not want your new future spouse-to-be to be an economical imposition. A lot more goes into planning is involved when it’s time to acquire your fianc? visa, too many to be listed here.

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