Drivers License Compact

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  • May 5, 2016

Drivers License Compact

Being pulled over for a DWI in another state is a situation where you must know what all will take place. This is where the DLC comes into play. The DLC or the Driver License is an interstate compact that helps the police officers to keep tabs as people leave the state. This compact allows the police officers from different states to trade information on you as you move from state to state. This also means that if you have an accident in one state and try to flee to another state, they will still punish you.

Although the repercussions will be different in every state, each will punish you as they would any other in your situation. If you were to get pulled over and arrested for a DWI in Texas and were released on bail and fled the state, your home state could still charge you as they saw fit. You could also be charged with fleeing the state and be punished for that as well.

This DLC was officially started in 1960 with the state of Nevada being the first to join. As of now there are about 45 states that have joined the DLC and use it to transfer information from state to state. The only states that are not a part of the DLC are Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Tennessee (which was originally a part of it but left in 1997).

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