Concern from Hospital Negligence Claims Solicitors

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  • March 21, 2016

Concern from Hospital Negligence Claims Solicitors

Hospital negligence claims solicitors are amongst the groups to have expressed concerns about the findings of a damning new report concerning NHS compliance with safety alerts. Figures obtained on behalf of the patients’ charity Action against Medical Accidents suggest that several health care trusts are still failing to comply with alerts from an NHS regulator aimed at improving patient safety. The concern of patient groups and hospital negligence claims solicitors is that patients could be injured or even killed as a result.

Worryingly, the information obtained for the report suggests that non-compliance with patient safety alerts is high across many hospitals and health trusts. In some cases figures showed that some hospitals failed to comply with as many as 23 of 57 alerts issued in five years.

Hospital negligence claims solicitors and patient charities say that what is most unfortunate is that a similar report in February showed similarly damning results. By all accounts, compliance has not improved since the previous report.

The seriousness of the problem cannot be overestimated. Neglecting to comply with alerts intended to boost safety has serious consequences. Every year many patients are injured or killed as they fall victim to negligent treatment. And of course, injured patients and their families are not happy to find that similar mistakes are not being prevented.

The potential increase in injury to patients has the added impact of increasing the number of Hospital negligence claims made against the NHS. Whilst even the NHS itself accepts the importance of compensating victims of negligent care so that they can return to as normal a life as possible, there are concerns that paying hospital negligence claims diverts funds away from the NHS. Of course, increasing compliance and preventing patient injury and death are the only way to solve the problem.

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