Become A Lawyer On Your Terms

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  • March 1, 2016

Become A Lawyer On Your Terms

In the male dominated environment of law, if you do not have the confidence level or you appear vulnerable and have self doubt in your abilities, then these are regarded as signs of weakness. There is a general tendency that woman lawyers though they may have been outstanding in their abilities find themselves in a situation where they have to justify their commitment when they have a family. Therefore you should introspect and find out what type of lawyer you would like to become.

You can start this process by trying to focus again on things which are really important for you. It is very important for you to build up your determination and resilience and try to re-energise yourself. Find out for yourself by asking certain questions which will work as a guide to your destination.

First of all make a complete list of all those things that are important and are relevant to your career. Ask yourself about the achievement you have made during the previous years in your career. What are your strength and similarly what are your weaknesses. It is also very important to be able to convert your weaknesses into your assets.

Stretch your imagination and think how you will feel, if you become a lawyer as you would like to be and how your life would be different. Take out some time and it is always advisable to define and write down your targets and goals- by writing down all your targets and goals whether they are short term goals, long term goals or the medium term goals. Now you can put down on paper what are the problems or issues which will be a tumbling block in your progress to become a lawyer you want to become.

You should segregate these problem areas into two categories, the first category being those problems, which you can either overcome or influence and second category as those problems or issues which are not under your control or you cannot influence them. Make a firm decision about those things which you cannot control and send them out of your life. Then focus all your energies on those areas which can be influenced by you.

Similarly make a firm decision that you will definitely take at least one small step each day towards your goal. You should remember that to become successful you not only require technical knowledge and skills but you should also be expert in soft skills.

Always remember to review your progress on a regular basis to check the pace and direction of your progress and make sure there is no aspect of regression in that.

Final and most important is always try to make a mentor in the organization where you work and if that is not possible then look for a mentor outside the organisation. Take the help of the mentor in all areas of your working and use him as a sounding board and a leader who can encourage you for positive thoughts and cheer you up. A mentor can really pump up your confidence level and provide that extra boost whenever it is required.

I am sure if you follow these guidelines you are sure to become a lawyer you want to become.

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