Accident Claim Culture – Snowball Accident Claim

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  • March 15, 2016

Accident Claim Culture – Snowball Accident Claim

Those looking to ban snowball fights are usually branded as old curmudgeons with nothing better to do, but today’s accident claim culture means it might be worth thinking twice before throwing a compacted little ball of the white stuff.

Making an accident claim after being hit by a snowball may appear perverse; however, in the wrong situation, a snowball can cause real damage.

Causing Direct Harm

Snowball fights usually conjure an image of harmless winter fun; this isn’t always the case. Real accidents can be caused by snowballs, which means there is real scope for compensation claims. This happened in Scotland recently, when a snowball smashed a bus windscreen and left passengers with serious injuries.

When the snowball is compacted too tightly, it forms ice. Glass can be penetrated with an ice ball if thrown hard enough. Ice balls can cause real damage to the human face if they hit cleanly.

A surprise snowball attack on an elderly citizen could be deeply traumatic. A severe attack will leave an elderly person scared to leave their homes, giving them a real case for an accident claim.

Duty of Care

Injury claims by no win no fee solicitors have led to a controversial ban on snowballs in some schools. Some argue that when schools allow snowballs they forgo the duty of care they have for their pupils.

Schools ignore the cries of ‘party poopers’ by some parents, claiming the risk of a personal injury claimleaves them with no other option.
It is unlikely solicitors will face an avalanche of snowball accident claims this winter, but in certain situations, there may be scope for a successful claim.

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