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WIn modern times, the legal system is becoming more complex and diverse than ever. With so many new technologies and different facets to modern day life, new laws are constantly being created to cover these issues. Some of the more recent laws cover areas such as the internet and mobile telephones amongst others.

BSometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you are at a loss because of someone else’s wrongdoing. Perhaps you are a football player and you trip over a loose wire at your local supermarket and break your leg and have lost your salary for a year, the law covers situations like these so that people do not suffer a loss at the hand of someone else’s wrongdoing. When situations like this happen, people may file a lawsuit.

HLawsuits are filed every day and vary from small minor cases through to multi-billion dollar lawsuits between multinational corporations. More than 15 million law suits are filed every year in the United States state courts alone, at a cost of over US$1.8 billion. There are two types of trials – criminal and civil. When someone sues another person for damages, they will file a civil lawsuit, because the person may not necessarily have broken a law, but can be sued for damages based on negligence